God’s Blessings: Amazing Friends & Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference

What an amazing bunch of friends I have. Last year, I had wanted to go to the Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference, but I was unable to due to scheduling conflicts so I put it off until this year. This year, I lost my job in February and decided that it would be financially irresponsible to even consider going. Instead, I was planning to go next year in 2010. I had mentioned that fact to my morning walking partner, Moria, casually as we huffed our way around town (well, me more so than her).

I don’t know now many days passed after that brief and very casual mentioning of the conference, but this past Thursday, I got a call from Moria saying that she needed to speak with me. When she arrived, she handed me an envelope and told me to go register myself for the conference.

I have to admit, initially I protested because the conference is indeed very pricey, but truthfully it was a very weak protest as the excitement of actually being able to attend and the generosity of my friends took over.

After I got back from that morning’s library hour, I immediately set about registering for the conference. The next day, Friday, I went back to the website to look up the address for the conference and saw that they were no longer accepting attendees! I had just made the registration cut off!! God’s blessings, of that I have no doubt.

So, thanks to my friends (Katie and John Kubisiak, Moria and Christian King, Eileen and Steve Swierczynski, Jacki and Tim Quinn, Gina and Bryan Seidl, Sheila K. and Rhinelander Area MOPS), I can proudly display the following icon:


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