Stay Fit (Noah’s Ark Wisdom Part 4)

Stay Fit (Noah’s Ark Wisdom Part 4)

Everything you ever need to know can be learned from Noah’s ark…

1.  Don’t miss the boat.
2. Remember that we are all on the same boat.
3. Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.
4. Stay fit. When you’re 600 years old, someone might come along and ask you to do something really big.

What female in these United States isn’t trying to “get fit”, “stay fit”, or at the very least “appear to be fit”? Noah was a male… it always seems to be easier for men to “get fit”, “stay fit”, or at the very least “appear to be fit”… am I right ladies???

I’ve always had a struggle with my self image. I was very thin as a child, and I developed early which got me a lot of unwanted attention. Being thin wasn’t something I conscientiously strove for – it was a result of little food intake and lots of expended energy.

By the time I reached high school, my circumstances had changed. I was living in a foster home that had plenty of food, and I was expending a lot less energy. Plus, I had learned, no one pays that much attention to the slightly overweight girl – not fat enough to get teased mercilessly but not thin enough to be every boy’s dream.

In my 20s, I ate emotionally, worked compulsively, and exercised in spurts. I was a yo-yo… up and down with whatever fad was new. It wasn’t until I turned 26 that I started to think that perhaps my ideas were a bit out of whack. Maybe rather than striving for some sort of number on a scale or a certain size pair of jeans, perhaps I should focus on how I feel. Now, it took a while for that little thought to overcome my total need to give each and every new fad a try (and even now, I still trip up now and then), but eventually I’ve refocused myself.

Admittedly, no one has asked me to build an ark… but when I became a mother, suddenly being fit was far more important than it had been before. Now, three mornings a week, I go brisk walking with my good friend, Moria. (OK, well I did up until recently – first I was in Delaware and then I got some concerning news from my OBGYN…) I try to be aware of my grazing habits. I spend time playing with my 4 year old. I try to make wiser choices about the calories I take in.

When I read #4 – Stay fit – I have to admit that my immediate thoughts went to my weight and health. But after those initial thoughts, I realized that being fit relates to more than just our health. We need to keep our minds fit – do puzzles, read books, form an opinion of our own rather than just repeating the one we heard on TV. We need to keep our hearts fit (and I don’t just mean beating well) – get involved with the community, serve in a soup line, show more than just a passing concern for the frazzled lady with the screaming child standing in the checkout line. We need to keep our humor fit – laugh… laugh with others, laugh at ourselves, laugh out loud, laugh loudly, laugh!

By keeping fit in all areas of our lives, we stay fresh, sharp, open, and we feel better. Otherwise, we just become complacent… and that breeds mediocrity, lacklusterness, apathy, and eventually leaves us barely able to function (although we often don’t realize that we’ve reached that point until it’s too late).

So, maybe no one is going to ask you to build an ark… yet… but you never know what might be asked of you or when, so stay fit!


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