You Can Clap Now!

…after listening to a friend’s posted clip on Facebook from The Sound of Music, Eli asked if I wanted to hear his peanut butter song: “Peanut butter, that’s what I like best. Head, shirt, shorts, and socks!” [upon seeing my smiling but questioning face] “That’s the end. You can clap now.

I’ve learned a lot from my 4 year old. If you read my Facebook status’, you are probably learning a lot from him, too. It’s enviable how simple his life is at 4 years of age compared to mine at 36 years, and yet, I am constantly amazed by the wisdom that comes from his tiny 3 foot high perspective on life.

The little nugget above, which took place back on September 15, was extremely funny at the time… the look on his face when he informed me that I could now clap was truly priceless. I mean, he had just proudly performed his masterpiece, The Peanut Butter Song, and I merely smiled. Clearly he was going to have to tell me what the appropriate reaction should be, and he did without any hesitation.

Let that sink in… rather than getting mad and throwing a fit or huffing off and nursing hurt feelings, this little 4 year old simply and matter-of-factly stated that the proper reaction – at least the one he was looking for – was to clap and he did it without accusation, condemnation, or guilt.

How many times have I presented my “masterpiece” only to have the reaction not be what I was looking for? Maybe the receiving party didn’t know what reaction I was looking for (you mean not everyone is a mind reader???), or maybe my expectations were unreasonable. Of course, sometimes my audience simply wasn’t being attentive to my needs because they couldn’t see beyond their own, but I have to admit that those instances were far more rare than I’d probably like to admit. The truth is that had I simply and matter-of-factly stated what sort of reaction I wanted/needed, then I sure would have saved a lot of time being angry, hurt, and arguing.

What about you?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Children possess infinite wisdom that often amazes me, even my 3 yr olds say things that make me do a double take. I do enjoy reading the Eli-isms you post on Facebook. 🙂


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