…Before You Find Out

…Before You Find Out

Eli: Do we have more Spongebobs?
Me: No, but maybe we can go to the video store later and see if they have any.
Eli: Ok, well, um, you stay there and keep working.
Me: Why?
Eli: Well, you know when I said I ate my sandwich so I wanted candy and you said I could, well I didn’t really eat the sandwich, but I want to finish it now before you find out. So stay there.
– December 30, 2009

I love my son.  I mean, even if he wasn’t my son, I’d love the snot out of him.  He’s hilarious and so insightful with just a hint of mischievous and devil-may-care-attitude that makes him adorable now and most likely irresistible when he gets older.

I have to admit, and this is so much easier to do since the little bugger cannot read yet, that I’ve had my fair share of “I want to finish it now before you find out” moments.  Usually, they occurred in the work place when a supervisor would ask me if I had done such and such and I hadn’t because other things had come up or I’d forgotten or <insert some excuse> but I had every intention of doing so.  So, I’d say “almost done” or “just about finished” and then rush back to my desk and begin frantically working on the project…before they find out.  And there have been times when a friend has asked me about something I had said I’d do but had later forgotten about so I’d offer a “just a bit more” comment and then break out in a cold sweat on my way home trying to come up with an action plan…before they find out.

My son is 4.  I am 36 and still occasionally behaving like a 4 year old (and it’s neither cute nor adorable at my age).  But this is where he “‘one upped” me… he confessed to me that he hadn’t done what he told me he had, but that he was going to go make it right by keeping his end of the bargain.  And you know, my reaction to his statement was different than it would have been had I discovered his deceit on my own.  Wow – when do I confess my shortfalls or overcommitment?  Not to those supervisors, not to my friends, and certainly not to God, and He already KNOWS what I did or did not do and why.

Sometimes, I wonder who is teaching whom!


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