Top Ten Oscars YOU Ought to Win

Top Ten Oscars YOU Ought to Win

Loved this recently received email forward, so thought I’d share it.  I also should confess, I don’t actually watch the real Oscars.  Frankly, I don’t care who got an award for what or which picture won 7 out of 10 awards or who wore the tackiest outfit.  But, after reading through this forward, I thought perhaps it would be fun to have an Oscars party with my friends where we handed out our own awards.  (You MOPS ladies out there, feel free to steal that idea!)

Top Ten Oscars YOU Ought to Win

1. Music (Original Score) – for teaching your kids to sing the real version of “Jingle Bells,” not the one where Batman smells and Robin lays an egg

Ok, I have to confess that it’s nearly June, and I still catch my 4 year old singing the Batman version of Jingle Bells and it always makes me smile.  Should note that his daddy taught him the song, not me.

2. Best Director – for organizing a monthlong PTA fund-raiser that actually raised funds… slacker parents andthe recession be damned

3.  Makeup – for applying under-eye concealer to avoid looking like the Crypt Keeper after a sleepless night tending a croupy kid (and/or spouse)

I am NEVER going to win that award.  Do I even own concealer???

4. Art Director – for getting the kids to make a “Welcome Grandma” banner without a signle fight breaking out over using the red crayon

5.  Best Supporting Actress – for sitting on the bleechers every Saturday, just to cheer like crazy for the seven minutes your son makes it onto the soccer field

This I can relate to… cheering my little heart out at a recent soccer game only to see my 4 year old son running behind everyone pretending to be a T-rex (waiving his hands like claws and growling).

6. Sound Mixing – for talking loudly enough that your tween actually heard you over the iPod… and, in fact, listened to what you had to say

7. Sound Editing – for stealthily removing the Care Bear’s batteries, then telling your son that Tenderheart lost his voice and needs to rest a day

8.  Costume Design – for the Hannah Montana getup you made your daughter from a mop head and cheap jewelry minutes before the Halloween parade

9.  Cinematography – for catpuring five full minutes of your family on video during which no child sticks a finger up his nose or crosses his eyes.

10. Picture of the Year – for the one you snapped of your husband and kids…the one that reminds you why, craziness aside, this is the happiest time of your life


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  1. Dena Dyer says:

    Cute post! 🙂 I loved it. It’s a very fun, creative idea–and a great topic for a moms meeting. Thanks for sharing.


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