Celebrate Your BFF – Best Friend Day

Celebrate Your BFF – Best Friend Day

Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.  ~Author Unknown

Best Friend Day (June 8th) is a time to enjoy and appreciate your best friend. It’s a day to honor and cherish the relationship, not that it shouldn’t be honored and cherished every day, but this is the “official” day to let your BFF(s) know just how much they mean to you.

If you’re lucky, you have a best friend. If you are real lucky, you have a number of best friends. Best friends are very, very special people. You spend countless hours with your best friend going to events and activities, or just hanging out. You share secrets, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and disappointments with your best friend.

A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked. – Author Unknown

Some folks say you can only have one best friend, but I disagree.  You can have a couple at the same time, or several over time.  Friends come and go for a variety of reasons.  It’s the result of many things, including moving, changing schools or jobs, going through different seasons of life, and more. I’ve been lucky enough to have several best friends over the years and so today (a day early because I want you to get this post BEFORE the 8th for those who like to buy cards…) I will pay tribute to them and say thank you for all that they have taught me…

High School – Rob Beeler.  Pretty sure I would not have the fond memories of high school that I do had it not been for Rob’s friendship.  He taught me that I didn’t have to be the prettiest, the smartest, or any number of -ests that I was trying for… I just had to be me.

College – Dena Wuensche Ebeling.  She was French Fry and I was Ketchup.  Up until I met Dena, I was pretty skeptical of all girls.  Didn’t care for their cattiness, backstabing, or general prissiness.  But Dena wasn’t your typical girl.  Dena taught me (and continues to teach me) that it was ok to trust, ok to dream, and it was ok to mess up so long as I dusted myself off and got back up.

mid 20s – Janice Satterwhite.  People often said Janice and I must be sisters – we looked alike, acted alike, and were equally stubborn.  Janice was only in my life for a brief time before life took us each on different paths, but I still remember her and how encouraging she was.  What I learned from Janice is that no matter how big the problem is, laugh!  Janice was always laughing… it’s not that she didn’t take life seriously, because I am not sure I have ever met a more determinted person, but with Janice, laughter was the place to start, no matter what.

What is nice about my current stage in life is that I don’t have just one best friend… now, I have several people whom I consider to be pretty dear to me, and while the friendships overlap, each of them brings something special to my life:

Shannon – what a hoot this girl is!  Shannon is not one to point a finger at someone and click her tongue in a disapproving way because she knows that when you point a finger at someone you’ve got 3 pointing back at yourself.  (She’d want me to pause here so she could actually point at something and see that there are 3 fingers pointed back at her… and then she’d wonder what was up with the thumb cause it’s sort of pointing at the other person too but that still makes it 3 to 2 so the pointer loses.)  Shannon has no trouble laughing – at herself, at me, at you, at life in general.  She makes me laugh, accepts my bluntness, and isn’t afraid to let me see (or hear or smell in some cases) her flaws (which makes me unafraid to let her see mine).

Jacki – if I could have an older sister, Jacki would be it.  Not only is she a great friend, but I consider her a mentor.  Not a judgemental bone in her body, Jacki is quick to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and even quicker to assure me that the crazy thoughts I sometimes have aren’t just unique to me.

Gina and Eileen – I put them both together because these are my sarcastic sisters.  They get it… life isn’t always fair or fun and sometimes a person gets tired of trying to be everyone else’s motivation (read: MOM).  Quick wit, sharp tongues, and hearts of gold – Gina and Eileen tell it like it is (often making me almost pee my pants) and aren’t afaid to call “bullsh!t” when they see it.

Katie – a dynamo in a small package.  You know that saying “she’s a firecracker”, well, I never really met anyone I’d consider a firecracker until I met Katie.  Katie has taught me by example that the greatest way to get over myself is to do for others.

Moria – loyal, encouraging, and faithful.  Moria believes in me often more than I believe in myself, and while it can be daunting (what if I don’t live up to the potential she sees??), it’s pretty nice to know that someone can look at you and without a doubt see great things.

A good friend is a connection to life – a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.  ~Lois Wyse

And last, but certainly not least, is my best friend and my husband – Marc.  Marc knows me… I mean, really, really knows me, and he still loves me!  It might shock you to know that life with me is not always smiles and sunshine.  Not only is there rain, but sometimes there are out-right storms.  In the past, when a storm came along, I just bailed but Marc won’t allow that.  He weathers the good and the bad and together we grow stronger.  He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me.

If you haven’t taken time to actually say to your BFF that you appreciate their friendship, do so this June 8th.

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4 Responses to “Celebrate Your BFF – Best Friend Day”
  1. Jacki Q says:

    What kind words! Your friendship is a true blessing! I am flattered by the “big sister” comment. And yet…YOU are MY mentor…hmmm. 🙂 Happy BFF Day!


  2. Shannon says:

    Bahhahaha, still thinking about the thumb thing, and who says my smells are a flaw– ok, your right:)

    Love this post, you are such an amazing person, and I am blessed to call you friend!!

    I often go about my life taking for granted just how much my friends make me who I am. I love best friend day, and am glad I now know it exists. So happy best friend day my friend!!


  3. Katie says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been called a firecracker before:) I’m honored to be one of your BFF’s Jess. YOU are an inspiration to ME. Thanks for reminding us how important our friendships are.


  4. Moria says:

    We all need some one who sees more in us than we do. I am honored to fill that role in your life. You and your family are wonderful and God is doing great things with you. Your hearts are bigger than the disappointments of life and because of that you will be successful in any purpose God puts in your lives!


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