First Crush

First Crush

We knew it would happen… We knew that one day, Eli would go off to school, and there he’d see her – maybe she would be walking down the hall or across the campus with the sun hitting her hair just right, or maybe she’d sit in front of him in class or maybe she’d be his lab partner – and she’d steal his heart.  Yes, we knew it would happen.  What we didn’t know is that it would happen in Miss Anderson’s 4k class at the ripe old age of 4 years old.

It came one day as a random statement of fact about 2 or 3 months before school was to end, “Leah is my girlfriend.”  His dad and I smiled at each other in that oh-he-has-a-girlfriend-does-he-even-know-what-the-word-means sort of way at each other and then at him.  We chuckled later when we were reliving the moment.  Marc asked Eli to point out which one of the girls was Leah so we’d know what our “future daughter-in-law” looked like. Each day we asked him how Leah was, and then one day, for some unknown reason, we asked him if Leah knew that she was his girlfriend.  No, she didn’t know yet because he didn’t have a ring to give her… yet.

On our trip to Texas, back in April, Eli found THE PERFECT ring for her (according to him).  It was a skull and crossbones ring (and on the plus side – the skull had red eyes!!)… just what every girl wants in a promise engagementwill-you-be-my-girlfriend ring.  As his mother, I felt compelled to give Eli the 25 cents needed – the price for this perfect ring.  Eli proudly put in the quarter and twisted the dial himself.  The first try, he got a necklace with some sort of pointy dagger pendant.  He opted to keep that one.  Fishing out another quarter, I sighed… I mean, it was/is a hideous ring but it seemed so important to him because he was certain that he could not ask her to be his girlfriend unless he had a ring to offer as proof of his sincerity.  The second time around yielded better results.  Eli protectively held the ball containing the ring all the way back to the car with plans to ask Leah to be his girlfriend upon his return to school.

That Tuesday, as he was hugging me goodbye, I asked Eli if he had the ring.  He assured me that he did.  When I picked him up from school that day, he still had the ring.  I didn’t know if I should ask or not – what if she had rejected his ring and request?  What if he’d been to shy to ask her?  As I was buckling him into his car seat, I gently asked, “So, is Leah now officially your girlfriend?”  He said, “No, I didn’t ask her yet.  But I will.”

So, each day we’d ask about how school was, what he learned, and if he got to play with Leah.  Occaisionally he’d remind us that Leah was his girlfriend, and we’d give each other that ahh-yes-young-love smile.

This past Thursday, when I picked Eli up from school, he informed me that he was now married.  I stopped in my tracks… MARRIED!?!  I slowly turned to him and asked, “Married?  To whom and how did that happen?”  Eli announced over his shoulder as he continued to walk on past me to the car, “To Leah, of course.  I kissed her on the cheek.  She said I could.  Now we’re married. Can we go to Mix Donalds (that’s how he says McDonald’s)?”

Ahhh young love.

[image by D Sharon Pruitt]


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