Just a Few Reasons to Celebrate Dad

Just a Few Reasons to Celebrate Dad

I have been blessed with a great husband.  Not only is he my best friend, but he is also the most amazing father to our two children. 

Credit for this forward (which I was going to post on Friday but clearly didn’t)  goes to Charlotte Latvala and Parenting magazine (comments in italics are mine).

Reasons to Celebrate Dad

1.  Someone needs to deal with the “some assembly required” stuff.

2.  Who else would dare face that black, fuzzy spider under the basement stairs?  (I creeped myself out just typing that sentence.)

3.  His shaving cream comes in handy for rainy-day kid Marc, Jessica, Eli and Brennacrafts.  (Also comes in handy when I want a really close shave on my legs but find that I am out of my “with aloe vera” lady’s brand.)

4.  He has an amazing ability to cheer up a cranky child merely by tossing him in the air. (Or by singing Black Sabbath’s song, Iron Man.)

5.  He’s happy to discuss the finer points of old Road Runner and Coyote cartoons with the kiddos.

6.  No one else ever seems to know exactly where the bicycle-tire pump is.

7.  He insists that you look even better than you did before you had kids. (And if he’s lying, he does it really, really well.)

8.  Amazingly, macho man though he is, he doesn’t mind having his nails painted bright pink by an enthusiastic pre-school manicurist.  (His time is coming!)

9.  He doesn’t make fun of you when you do yoga in the living room.  Well, most of the time.  (In our case, he will not laugh when I am working out with Maya our Wii Personal Fitness Guru and will even call her names and tell her how evil she is just so that I don’t have to.)

10.  Fatherhood looks sexier on him than you could have imagined.  (WAY sexier – but please, Marc, don’t shave off the goatee again.  🙂  )

Happy Father’s Day, Babe!!


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  1. MarcBenz says:

    Number 10s my favorite! 😉

    And the goatee stays. Just for you.


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