Got Art?

Got Art?

My son loves to create pieces of art… ok, pieces of art might be a stretch because often times the page will have a single colored line going down it and he considers the piece finished… wait, on second thought, I’ve seen some really strange stuff in galleries and some items weren’t that different than what he presents me.  So who am I to be a critic?

Finding places for these works of art can be a bit difficult especially when I am in the midst of a OCD decluttering session.  I’ve been known to secretly toss scores and scores of future highly sought after collector’s pieces only to later face a very stern little boy who demands to know why they were in the trash.

Yes, I know that these gems can be sent to grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  Some of the better pieces are earmarked for just that.  And, of course, we’ve saved quite a few pieces for our own albums to embarrass him with later to enjoy in years to come.  But what does one do when every little scrap of paper with only one little speck of color on it is considered a masterpiece?

I read this idea the other day in a magazine (I’ve forgotten which one – probably one of those Family Life or Family Fun ones) that just made sense…  Digital photo frames!  They’ve come down considerably in price over the last few years (these have been showing up pretty regularly in Black Friday sales).  Take a picture of each masterpiece (or scan it in if it’s small enough to scan) and then just load it up on the digital photo frame.  Display the frame in the family room or in a child’s room.  Additionally, now that you have these works of art in digital format, you can also add them to any computer’s screen saver option and create a digital slide show there as well.  I like this idea so much better than the dynamic photo frames (which open up and allow you to change out a picture easily) because the pictures are ever changing.  I love when Eli comes to my desk and talks about all the pictures hanging on the wall… and I can only imagine the stories he’d tell as he watched image after image scroll by (and the noticeable improvement in his art skills).

Oh to be sure, I still hang a few prized items on my wall above my desk, but I can already tell that I am going to run out of space before long, so I’ll be switching to a digital gallary pretty soon.


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  1. Jacki Q says:

    Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing!


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