Speaking Topics

While I am constantly working on speeches related to topics near and dear to my heart, I would love to discuss your group’s specific needs and will gladly craft a session or a specific speech around what God has placed on your heart as a focus for the event.

Speeches already prepared:

Learning to Let Go of the Past…

Jessica Benzakein

Easier said than done? Too often we let our past dictate our future. This isn’t a talk about getting over the fond memories. It’s a talk about moving on from the wrongs that have been done to us and the wrongs we’ve committed. It’s about hope. (Available as a keynote.)

Marriage: BYOB (Bring Your Own Baggage)

Jessica Benzakein

Most girls dream of their wedding day… what they’ll wear, where the service will be held, how her groom will get teary-eyed when he sees her… We daydream about how we’ll combine our lifestyles, belongings, and become “one”. We each one bring baggage to any relationship – and our marriage is no exception. Being aware of what issues we have and how they play a part in our reactions and decisions can be difference between one carry on or an entire wardrobe.

No More But(t)s

Jessica Benzakein

Are excuses keeping you from being the person you want to be?

Parenting By The Seat of Your Pants

Jessica Benzakein

Have you ever noticed that we parent one of two ways… just like our parents or as far opposite of our parents are we possible can.

Don’t Tie Yourself Up In Knots – Create Family Ties That Bind

Jessica Benzakein

We all know in our hearts how important family is…we want it to be good… and we are always looking for ways to make it better.  For some of us, this goal is all consuming – ties us up in physical and emotional knots.  Let me show you how simple it is to create and strengthen family ties, and give you inspirational ideas that can help you do more for your own family in less time.


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